Supported Currencies

Pagato is available for businesses in 31 countries:

Australia Hong Kong Norway
Austria India Poland
Belgium Ireland Portugal
Brazil Italy Singapore
Canada Latvia Spain
Denmark Lithuania Sweden
Estonia Luxembourg Switzerland
Finland Malaysia United Kingdom
France Mexico United States
Germany Netherlands
Greece New Zealand

Businesses in these countries may use Pagato to accept payments in over 120 currencies.


Currency support in Pagato is dictated by the country from which you do business and the payment gateway that you have connected. Braintree/PayPal and QuickBooks Payments are available only in the United States and support transactions only in USD. Stripe supports all 24 countries and 120+ currencies. You can skip the rest of this doc if you're not using Stripe.

Currency is relevant in three places in Pagato:

  • The currency of customer’s credit card, called the card currency
  • The currency of the charge, called the presentment currency
  • The currency accepted by your destination bank account or debit card, called the settlement currency

If the presentment currency differs from the customer’s credit card currency, the customer may be charged a foreign exchange fee by their credit card company. The customer may also be charged a fee by their credit card company if the credit card and your business are in different countries, regardless of the currency used.

If the presentment currency differs from your settlement currency, Stripe converts the charge to your settlement currency. Refer to the Stripe payouts documentation to learn about the different bank account currencies that Stripe supports.

The settlement currency for your Pagato account is determined at signup when you select the country from which you do business, e.g. if your business is located in Spain, your settlement currency will be EUR.

Selling in Multiple Currencies

Presentment currency is set per location. When you sign up, a default location is created in the country where you do business and the presentment currency for this location is set as the local currency of your country.

To take orders and accept payments in different currency, create a new location and specify the presentment currency for that location. This can by accomplished by navigating to Settings > Locations, then clicking to add a new location, specifying the desired presentment currency.

Once you have created a new location, the location will appear in the Customers, Payment Links, and Activity views in Pagato, where it may be used to create payment links and orders, as well as view activity, in the new currency.


If you need help after reading this, send us an email. We're always happy to help with any questions you might have.